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When we first saw Brad, [our son] was on 4 different medications taking pills 5 times a day. Now, this transformed child gets out of bed, eats his breakfast, dresses himself and is happy to go to school. That’s a huge change from before.

Thanks for the enlightening session this morning.  We love the tools you are providing.
Obviously, you can tell (my husband) and (my son) are very close which is great except for when (my husband) forgets to be the parent.  But, this was maybe the first appointment (my husband) has ever attended for (my son’s) ADHD so I am thrilled he came.  That’s a great testament to you, your work and your passion to help kids like (my son).

I guess we will play things by ear before I schedule another appointment.  I want to see what kind of (son) we have off the intuniv.  Every day is a new day and a changed (son).




HI Brad,

I wanted to let you know how grateful we are that we had the opportunity to work
with you the last couple of months.  Your suggestions and insight have been helpful
in many ways.  We like the fact that you specialize in working with children on the
spectrum and your take on things is different than most.  

Thank you for your suggestions on how to make things lighter and more manageable at
home.  I do feel our child has made a lot of progress the past couple of months with
you.  Thanks for helping us realize even children with developmental delays have to
be held accountable for their actions.

I plan on trying to attend one of your workshops this fall.  Once again thank you so
much for everything you have done for my family.  I will continue to
highly recommend you to other families that are in need of the same kind of services
you provide.


Leah Runyan

Thanks for the valuable information over the last two days. I was wondering if you could email me the list of executive functions and corresponding tasks.



Tara Laging

Mr. Mason,
The conference this weekend was wonderful!  I left today with many new ideas and ways of thinking that I am very anxious to try with my students! I was wondering if you could please e-mail me a copy of your happy cats and sad puppy paper.  I have several children that will benefit from this system!!!

I know there were a few more papers you said you could e-mail if we were interested, and I would really appreciate it if you could send them to me!  Thank you again for sharing so many new techniques and ways of looking at different situations!



Mary Katherine Eldredge

Kooken Education Center


Our team really enjoyed your conference this weekend.  It has really ignited some exciting discussion and a flood of ideas between us!  We’d really love to have the additional information on executive thinking that you mentioned.

Thank you for your dedication to the topics you discussed.  We enjoyed seeing the work you’ve done and examples of the progress down the road that hopefully our students will achieve.

Thanks so much!



Kim Van Meter, MS CCC-SLP

Kooken Education Center

Hi Mr. Mason,
I, along with other staff members from our district, attended your conference this weekend.  It was informative and we came away with a new perspective on the role of executive functioning in children with Asperger’s, Autism, and ADD.  You mentioned that you have a list of ways to facilitate executive functioning skills in these children.  Could you please send that list to me and I will disperse it to my



Dana Huntsman M.C.D. CCC-SLP

Central Texas Speech-Language Pathology Services

Mr. Mason,

I attended the conference you spoke at last weekend in San Marcos.  I cannot express my gratitude enough.  I have felt very confident in my ability to teach syntax, morphology, etc. to this population.  My short comings have been in giving them socially appropriate communication.  You gave real life strategies for furthering development in that area.

During the conference you said you had a quick evaluation for executive functions that you could email to us.  I would love to receive a copy.  I think you also said you had a list of activities to address the different areas pertaining to executive functions as well.  I would love any information you have to give.



Therese Kosary, M.S., CCC-SLP

Texas State University

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The students and faculty are still talking about what a wonderful conference you provided for us.  They all learned a lot, and the first classes (grad and undergrad) on Monday were devoted to discussing what they learned from you!!!!!!!!  We appreciate the excellent job you did as a presenter.  The faculty were very impressed also.



Brad does a great job of presenting the information, then giving specific examples of what to do. “Your words become what they think they are.” I love this because it reminds me that how I approach a situation and the words I choose is so important.