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About Brad Mason

Hello, Im Brad Mason.

I have been a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology since 1994.

Brad Mason Childhood Counselor Austin I have worked as a Behavior Therapist in a Pediatric Neuorehabilitation setting, as a school counselor, and as a Specialist in School Psychology. I have published and co-authored research in human aggression and eating disorders. I am the author of the Intensive Care for You video series. I have presented to the Southwestern Conference in Human Development, and at numerous agencies, universities, educational service centers,  and schools.

My style is typically laid back with polite and professional treatment. Most of the kids call me Mr. Brad. I try to be personable but also very direct, working at being sensitive but also as immediate as possible. I am accustomed to working with the challenges faced by parents of difficult children. I do not judge or blame parents for poor behavioral outcomes in their children. Instead, I think it is a lack of needed thinking skills, which can be taught, which cause children failure in successfully adapting to changes in their environment. I believe all children and people do the best they can; when they do poorly, it means they lack the thinking and communication skills necessary to adapt to changes in the environment for which they were not ready.

I believe in creating success, I can teach you how to do this for your child even when it may seem like there isn’t any. I can help you remember and remind your child what a wonderful person they really are, and in so doing enable them to become that person and behave in a way that is consistent with love, gentleness, flexibility, and respect. Even with conditions such as Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, ODD, HFA, PDD, Bipolar, etc.

My office is in a small cottage that was once a carriage house nestled under large pecan trees and a huge cottonwood with squirrels cavorting, there is a playscape and tables for sitting outside, it is a quaint old town setting, quiet, like going to your grandmother’s house, so you get the benefit of a relaxed setting rather than a clinical, sterile office setting that may make you feel “under the microscope.”

My job is to understand you and help you clarify your goals and choose strategies to achieve what you want. I work in a collegial relationship with my clients, it is my job to work at understanding you and what you want, help you define what you want, and my job to create options for you to improve your life, yourself, your family, your kids. I believe that you know which strategies are going to be the best fit for your family and for you, you are the best judge of what is most likely to work for you, so I present options and help you make smart healthy choices. It is also my job to help you identify obstacles to progress in treatment and ways to overcome them. It is my job to hold you accountable to following the plan you choose by reviewing your week, what you did different, and evaluate the results. I think that by knowing you will be coming back to report your actions and the results, I help you be true to your best intentions, you don’t want to invest your time and money and not make use of ideas created for you to experience progress towards your goals and a higher quality of life. I will help you expand your limits.