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Autism Counseling

Autism Counseling in Austin (Asperger/HFA/PDD)

You may have concerns that your child is having trouble making and keeping friends, difficulty organizing school work or refusal to do school work, they may even hate school. Your child also may have difficulty regulating their mood and emotional responses- they may have really big reactions to small problems and neglect to consider boundaries and the feelings of others in your family.

With Autism Counseling, you and your child will receive strategies developed by experts in the field of treatment for autism spectrum disorders such as Michelle Garcia-Winner, Tony Attwood, and many additional authors and pioneers whose strategies and protocols have been tempered by my over 20 years experience serving the needs of parents and their children. My job is to help generate strategies that work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your time and energy have limits and I understand you need a therapist who can make life feel better for you and your child without spending thousands of dollars or hours.

Frustrated? Dont be.

You may at this point be very frustrated and at a loss as to where to begin and what to do. When your child/family enters into counseling with me, you can expect guidance and support in how to effectively manage their behavior and teach skills in a way that instead of being a drain it is positive and energizing for both you and your child and their self-esteem should improve.

How I Can Help

You and your child will be treated with respect and learn ways to recognize emotional and stress responses using 1-5 scales and cognitive behavioral strategies that teach the thinking skills needed to monitor how others are feeling and how to be flexible and adapt so that others have good thoughts about your child rather than weird or uncomfortable thoughts. You can also take the full video course at

Serving the Austin Area

My office is located in Georgetown, just north of Austin. Inside a small cottage you and your child feel at home while receiving care.

 809 S Elm St

Georgetown, TX 78626

You can check out the Autism Asperger video course here.

You can also see my book Autism Asperger: Understanding from the Inside Out here.