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Anger Counseling

Anger Counseling in Austin

You’re probably worried your child could hurt someone or may get in big trouble or eventually even go to jail if they haven’t already. If your child gets angry and even aggressive too often they may usually blame their behavior and feelings on others. You might wish them to learn that some of their thoughts and feelings are not reasonable.

Stop Irrational Beliefs

Everything should go my way. Things should always be easy for me. I shouldn’t have to wait for anything. It’s awful if others don’t like me and I’m bad if I make a mistake. Others must treat me considerately and kindly and precisely the way I want and if they don’t society should severely blame damn and punish them for their inconsiderate behavior. You can help your child learn to talk back to these irrational beliefs with thoughts that make sense and reactions that fit the situation.

More Positive Energy

You can learn to put more energy into when the problems are not occurring, making the good times get bigger and last longer. You may be ready to accept that putting your efforts into punishments after the aggression occurs and time-outs are not working. Congratulating your child for letting themselves be mad without hitting or breaking will feel good and help your child see themselves as in control and balanced.

Get the Tools You Need

Has anyone helped you or your child learn the right way to be mad at school and in your house? Develop a set of tools, good things to do to manage and change mad feelings? We can prove to your child that only they determine their reactions, their thoughts, their feelings in my office. We can teach them that power and control are what they achieve and exercise over themselves, rather than trying to control others with anger and aggression. You can also take the full Anger video course here.