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Video Game Addiction and Digital Media

Video Game Addiction and Digital Media Management

Do you have a kid who seems lost in his video games? Do they sneak them when they are not supposed to, find loopholes in filtering programs, and fight with you over turning them off? Are they spending tons of time immersed in a digital reality, and avoiding homework and socialization? These are your signs!
The problem is that the video games begin to be valued over parental approval and relationships. Socialization and homework are seen as interruptions and avoided. Your child may be daydreaming about video games in school instead of receiving instruction and acting out video games on the playground. How will they learn the skills and rewards of the real world if they aren’t participating?

Are All Their Friends Doing It?

Your child may argue that all their friends are doing it, that they can’t talk to their friends if they don’t join in online games. You may feel uneasy about the time they spend in games, watching games on youtube, and thinking about games. You may be unsure about where to set the boundary and what is reasonable.

Is Bedtime a Tantrum?

Your child may even be bullying you into buying them games and letting them play them, even past their bedtime, with the threat of a terrible tantrum. This is bologne. This is harmful to you and your child. Letting them have everything they want does not fit with your idea of

Trust Your Instincts

Be smart and learn to trust your instincts when it comes to parenting, and get some help if you are unsure. You can engage me to help define some structure around reasonable limits, dealing with the fits and arguments, and creating rewards and consequences that will help your kid reset to habits that will lead to improvement in their mental and behavioral health. You can also take the full video course at