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Sibling Rivalry Counseling

Sibling Rivalry Counseling

Don’t you hate it when your kids are agitating one another, screeching and crying out for your rescue, when all you want is peace and harmony in your home? It may seem as if there is just never enough of you to go around. Sibling rivalry is normal and if fact, the more loving and attentive a parent is, the more likely jealousy will arise and conflicts will ensue. That’s right, the more loving and attentive the parent is, the more likely the child is to expect attentive care and be upset when not getting it. Great. So your parenting efforts are backfiring on you?

Parenting Efforts Backfire?

Now what? As a loving and attentive parent, you find the fighting is upsetting, you may feel ambivalent, confused, and ineffective, and want to solve the problems for them quickly to defuse the unwanted feelings and behavior. How will they ever learn to resolve their conflicts if you jump in and do it for them?

Give Them Tools

You can use me as a shortcut to help teach your kids ways to deal with feelings, emotional control, encourage sharing as well as how to stand up for yourself, how to establish and respect boundaries with others, solve problems, and maintain belonging and connectedness with others. Since I’ve done the research, training, and practicing on everybody else’s kids as well as my own, you get to be the hero because you find solutions that work and your kids start learning the skills they need to navigate relationships, valuable skills that will help them get what they want and a lifetime of satisfaction.

Reframe Teachable Moments

Reframe these moments from the bane of your existence to teachable moments. These are moments you can use to support your children in learning to address issues of belonging, problem-solving, conflict resolution, property rights, boundaries, and emotional control. You can also take the full video course at