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Christian Faith Based Counseling

Faith Based Counseling

Your faith and beliefs are important to me whatever they are. It is not my place to impose my own beliefs or faith on you or your child. I am here to help explore what you believe in and what is a good fit for you and for your child.

Why is Faith Important?

Well, having something to believe in helps a child understand the context in which he or she is developing. I think exploring the question of why do you think you are here, not here in my office but alive on this planet, is very important. The answers to this question hopefully are ever-evolving, and can empower a child with a sense of purpose and an answer to worry, why bother, what are standards for behavior and relating to yourself and others. Let’s face it, if you think that life is just random and has no meaning, why would it matter what you did or what happened to you? What choices would you make? To serve yourself and your pleasure only? Having something to believe in gives us a compass, faith is the wind that fills our sails and tells us which direction to steer.

Wisdom, Not Interpretation

The bible can be interpreted in many ways, and I don’t claim to have all the right answers. I do think there is great wisdom in passages such as “With the measure you use, it will be measured back to you, and even more. He who has little will find himself losing what little he has…,” and “Do not be anxious about anything… whatever is right, noble, lovely… think about such things.”

On Request Only

I will not introduce this type of content unless you ask and give permission. With younger children I usually have the parent present during most or all of the sessions, so if I ever say anything that is not a fit for you or your family I am counting on you to speak up and let me know. Just ask and I’m happy to work with you in helping your child explore these meaningful questions.