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ADHD Counseling

ADHD Counseling

You say “Did you put your homework in your backpack” The response:  “What?”

And that’s after you said their name 4 times to get their attention. How can a child be so smart and so scattered? How do they continue to make the same mistake over and over, and you begin to wonder are they really trying and sincere like they seem, or are they just being lazy and gaming the system? How is it they can focus on a video game for two hours but when you see how their homework is coming, they are making their pencil fly like a rocket or staring into space after two minutes? Your child may also goof around and tease and neglect to notice how mad their parent, sister, classmate, or teacher is getting until it is too late, and then he cries when he gets in trouble and seems remorseful or even more frustrating, they say they didn’t do it when you just saw them! Sometimes your child may even give up trying, and then they begin winning by not doing and arguing with everything you say. This is how ODD or oppositional-defiant behavior is created, and my ADHD Counseling Program can help.

Improve Self Esteem

The most dangerous and lasting side effect of having ADHD is low self-esteem. But how do you build them up when it seems that every time you turn around, there they go in the wrong direction again? You begin to fear they won’t make it. Get help by scheduling and learn how to win the power struggles rather than escalating them, how to manage behavior and discipline in loving and effective ways without being too soft and permissive, have your child instructed in the thinking skills they need to recover from failures and errors and the persistence to keep trying.

Proven Results

From behavior management through teaching thinking skills, how to focus, how to correct unhelpful thoughts, and develop self-awareness and self-control through improving poorly developed executive skills, you can find answers and get encouragement at my office. You can also take the full video course at

Dont Give Up

Frustrated? Don’t give up. Never give up. This child needs you more than they need anything.