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Programs and Services

It’s all about you
Much of what I do, the strategies employed, your rate of progess, the style I use as your therapist, is largely dependent on you. I do not use “one-size-fits-all” templates for individualized treatment. Everybody is unique, so every therapeutic session should be unique and tailored to you, your preferences, your unique situation and profile of strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs. So it is difficult to say, “I use this program for” … ADHD, etc. Because I know that through your one-of-a-kind therapeutic relationship with me, we set you own goals, your individual course, the way each person gets results and what results they want to see is created specifically for you.

Anger and Anxiety Management Program
-Teaches recognition of graduated levels emotion so the feelings are noticed, communicated, and managed before it is too late and out of control
-Psychoeducation: You and your child learn the Brain-based anatomy of an emotional response, where feelings come from, and how to use your brain to feel more the way you want -Map the triggers and signs of an emotional response
-Learn the functions of anger
-Develop a custom menu of emotional response management strategies
-Become the supportive and empathic coach in helping your child gain independence in recognizing, communicating, and managing emotions acceptably

Anger and Children video clip

Anxiety and Children video clip

See the Anger video course here.

See the Anxiety video course here.

Asperger/HFA/PDD Program
-Persepective Taking
-Play Skills
-Social Skills
-Social Thinking
-Anger and Anxiety Management
-Explaining why you want to care about what someone else is thinking about you
-Draws on curriculum materials by Stephen Gutstein, Michelle Garcia-Winner, and Tony Attwood

-Check out the video course here, and my book Autism/Asperger: Understanding from the Inside Out here.

-“Get on the Plus Side” Training Program
-Targets Self-Image
-Before with or in lieu of medication therapy
-Drawing on the very best science and art in behavioral management
-Improve relationships
-Change “I can’t” or “I won’t” to “I can” and “I will”
-Graduated reward systems that are quick and easy for teachers and parents to do
-Make your child feel good about his/her progress

Check out the ADHD & ODD course here.

Check out the Behavior Management full video course here.

Oppositional-Defiant Program
-Get Control of the Good Stuff
-Make it “Up to them”
-Graduated Daily Reward System
-Get More Prosocial Behaviors
-Teach Responsibility and Accountability
-Tired of nagging? Get rid of it

-Take the Behavior Management Tips and Tools Giveaway 5 day challenge, click here.

Sibling Rivalry
-Pit them “towards” each other instead of against
-“Solve Your Own Problem” Cooperation and Conflict Resolution Plan
-Your child learns how to manage the behavior of others appropriately
-Gentle Words, Gentle Body
-Use the competition to good ends
-How to play together and get away from each other
-Stop negotiating their conflicts for them
-Greater independence in use of free leisure time
-Stop the antagonizing

-See the contents of the video course to DIY:

Social Skills Groups

I no longer offer these, but I have created a course to learn how to teach social skills through play for children aged 4-8 here.

School Consultations
I can go to your child’s school, with the school’s permission, and conduct an outside and objective observation of your child’s school performance and programming, and generate recommendations for school and families to work together on increasing the likelihood of the child meeting established goals. I am not interested in furthering adversarial relationships between school and home.

Individual Analysis Program
Evaluation, depression and anxiety (go together), goal setting, motivation, prioritization, generating options, choosing strategies, evaluating progress and results, fine-tuning, creating meaning and purpose, action plans

Recognizing and Treating Asperger Syndrome, When rewards and punishments don’t work, Do this, Resolving Sibling Issues, Anger Management, StressBusters, SuperBuddies: Teaching Social Skills, ADHD; Getting on the Plus Side, places I do workshops- private schools, public schools, agencies, camps, churches. Link to learn more here.