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Why Am I A Childhood Counselor?

Why do I do this?

I love kids, especially the quirky ones, and the miracles I witness whenyou and your child’s face light up as the fears and problems fade,
understanding and joy set in to replace the “dis-ease.” I think people are good and they just get bothered by bad habits of thought, feeling, and behavior. I don’t think kids make bad choices, I want to teach them the thinking skills they need to feel better and adapt to the demands of the environment successfully. It really bugs me that the adult response to kids who struggle is so often unhelpful or makes things worse; I disagree with many methods that get employed to correct behavior because they don’t work, tear kids down, and destroy relationships. I want the world to know what does work and how to effectively nourish a child of any ability to find joy and a sense of purpose.

My Mission

Helping the leaders of children who struggle to guide and discipline in more loving and effective ways.