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What kind of client is most likely to benefit from my services?
The kind of client that does well with me is willing to make their health and the behavioral and emotional well-being of themselves and their children a priority. This means you are ready for change; you are ready to take some small chances, try new things, and you are ready for your life and your children to be better. Clients who do well with me recognize the value and purpose of therapy. They understand that the best investment they make is in themselves, that they are their own most valuable resource. If you make yourself operate more efficiently and effectively, you feel happier and more powerful and worthy of the good things you want from life, you have made an investment that can pay you back for years to come in dividends of greater joy, love, harmony, organization, focus, purpose, and energy.

You realize that I, your therapist, am your tool to use at your discretion for your own good, that you are setting aside time to ponder and clarify what you really want, your are making a commitment to change, you are using me to explore in a private, confidential setting how you really want your life to be and what you need to do to get there, and you are availing yourself to experienced, professional guidance from a caring therapist who is equally invested in seeing you realize the changes you want. You know that I have already gone through a similar process with thousands of people over 15 years, I have the benefit of having seen and been trained in what usually works and you are using me as a shortcut to get where and what you want. You are willing to be honest with me about yourself and when you think I make a recommendation that will not work for me, you are as free in expressing your doubts and fears to your counselor as you are in expressing your dreams, desires and yearnings. You become comfortable coming to me when you are not certain how things will go or what exactly you want to do, knowing that you will leave with greater awareness and clarity of your needs, wants, choices, and preferences.

You have learned or will learn that life is better lived when it is not about your to-do list, that the important thing is to LIVE and learn how to enjoy what you already have, and how to enjoy being with the people you love without feeling psychologically pulled to some other place such as work or money pressures or anxiety about the future when you are not there- yes, you are where you are, it is better to learn how to “be” there and how to “be” fully present with your loved ones. You can use me to help you do this.

Who refers to me and why?
I am honored and grateful to receive referrals from past and current clients, pediatric neurologists, pediatricians, school counselors, private therapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists in and around Austin. Virtually all my referrals have been by word of mouth from people who have seen me speak at workshops or who have heard from someone who has had good treatment results from coming to see me.

What is the length of therapy?
I do not believe that years of therapy are required to experience significant gains in mental, emotional, and behavioral health. People often remark on how calm and patient I appear on the outside, but the truth is, I like things that go fast, I like to see my patients improve almost immediately, hear reports of successes early in treatment. I really am too impatient to see you week after week for a long time without results in the first month. Often, for some of the younger patients I see for behavioral work, regardless of the diagnosis, we are well on the way in one month and done in six weeks, with occasional follow-up “tune up” visits as new developmental needs occur and are recognized by the parent. The type of cases where this is not true would be social skills groups. Social skills take a long time to teach and generalize to the public setting. Serious mental health issues can also take longer to work on.

Why do I do what I do?
Because I can, because I am good at it, because I feel it is my responsibility to share what I know and what I can do for the benefit of others. I am exercising my chosen purpose in life, to serve others and help parents and their children find solutions that work. I get to contribute to the well-being of others and share my hard-earned lessons from life. I get to see miracles, great and small, every week. Aside from my own children, there is no greater joy to me in the world than seeing a child or family come back in to my office obviously transformed. Your energy is stronger and different, faces clearer and happy, circles under eyes gone, posture proud and upright. I know it and can see it even before you tell me, your joy becomes my joy. My day is made. My hard work justified, my years of training paid off. I get to do something good and meaningful; this is my gift. It is a gift that can give both to you and to me.

Where are you located?
I am located at the northeast corner of Elm and 9th Street in Georgetown, Texas. The physical address is 809 Elm Street. From I-35 North you take Exit 261 Hwy 29 and go east. Elm is the third left after Main Street and I am 3 blocks down on the right.

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