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Forms 4U

Here are forms you can download and use. Some are Word and some are pdf. Wishing you success! If you need a copy in a format besides pdf and don’t know how to convert the file, email me.


a-new-client-packet1 pdf

a-new-client-packet1 word document format

HIPPA Compliance Please include with “a-new-client-packet” for initial session

Parent Questionnaire

consent (for release of confidential information)

Praise Ways pdf These are exciting and free ways to reward and reinforce good behavior, many appropriate for the classroom.

1-5 scale I use this to teach people how to recognize and grade their emotional responses as well as map out good things to do with unwanted feelings to make them less significant or change them to something better.

Cognitive Distortions Learn categories of thinking errors that cause unnecessary distress.


I have assembled a collection of helpful resources below.

Accountability Sheet pdf this is a way to track how much a person is bothered  by symptoms and what coping skills they tried to use to help themselves with what bothers them

Behavior Contract For pdf

Behavior rating chart pdf

Bad Minute Plan

Credit System Points Template

credit system- behavior management tips pdf

developmental stages and successful adult responses pdf What kind of adult response styles are most effective for children at different levels of social and emotional development?

Dream Book Method for setting goals and planting the seeds of what you want to grow in the garden of your mind and your life.

Dream Book Dream Menu

executive functions- what are they?pdf These are the teachable brain skills that help us organize our behavior in the pursuit of a goal- if someone has ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder, this means they have disrupted development of several executive functions for which you can identify and create compensatory and remedial strategies.

EXECUTIVE Function Remediation strategies pdf

Functional Behavior Assessment pdf Assists in determining what the goal of an inappropriate behavior is so you can identify what appropriate substitute behavior should be taught.

Games pdf These are some of the games I play with younger children to help them develop social skills.

garden of the mind Program your brain to live your dream now. Pull the weeds of negative thoughts and plant the seeds that grow your dreams.

GreatThingstoDowithAnger copy

My Tools for Feelings pdf

happy cats copy

heavy work activites home pdf

Heavy work activities include pdf How do you help the restless overly active child who becomes disorganized in their thinking and behavior get settled and focus? Heavy work activities can help.

heavy work activities school pdf

Get ready to relax pdf

Incorrect or irrational core beliefs pdf

Limitless Love pdf

Meditations pdf

metacognition Why is it never their fault, how can they make the same errors over and over and then deny they did it? How can you teach self-awareness and the ability to accurately evaluate how well they have behaved or performed a task?

My wildest dream pdf This helps a kid identify a dream or passion and create motivation.

Parent response to outbusts that develop child’s empathy pdf

Problem Solving Template pdf Teaches how to consider many options to solve a problem instead of trying only one and giving up or perseverating on a strategy that is not working.

Rational vs Irrational Thoughts Practice

relaxation tips pdf

Rewards Sample List Along with Praise Ways this shows some reinforcer examples, Credit system tool

Rewards template Use this to list rewards to be earned especially in a Credit system.

Rules and Expectations Use this to make a record of your house rules, especially if you are using a Credit system.

Sentence Completions

Self-Monitor This is used to help children become self-aware so then they can learn to stay on task.

Solve Your Own Problem!

Stress Management Strategies pdf

Stress signs pdf Use these menus to build understanding of the triggers, signs, and management strategies for stress, worry, and anger.

Stress Triggers pdf

Stressometer pdf This can be used to build greater ability to recognize and properly grade the magnitude of emotional responses, and helps teach the idea that you can be a little frustrated or annoyed without going all the way to the top of your scale and blowing your top!

Suicide Screening

teaching good habits Want to keep your house in order and make the makers of messes clean up after themselves? Here’s how in four easy steps.

Teen Contract pdf An example of expectations for a teen with rewards and consequences spelled out.

Thinking Errors

Thinking Errors Practice

Thought Record

video game time management- digital culture pdf

Who am I? pdf Help your child identify what makes them unique, realistic ideas about their strengths and weaknesses, and put it in an “All about Me” binder with pictures of them at home, having fun, and doing favorite activities, this binder can also be used to introduce a child with special needs to a new teacher so they are seen as a whole person rather than another list of special accommodations and extra work for the teacher.

Words of Appreciation and Gratitude These are examples of things you can say to recognize and promote expected behaviors, Credit system tool.

Working Memory Remediation– Build your child’s short-term memory so they can follow-through on tasks more effectively and perform better as a learner in school.

And if you liked some of this stuff, there is 100x more with detailed explanation and videos on my otgher website here!