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Create Limitless Love for Your Child

Want love without limits?

Limitless love is love that is eternal. Eternity is not just a long time, it simply is. In the same way love is. You don’t have to perform or measure up to be worthy of love. You simply are. Love is available to you and from you, without limits, at all times. You can access this through practice and intention, by learning to have dominion over your attention.

How is eternity not just a long time but simply a quality that is? Think of it this way. You would not say 2+2=4 “for a long time.” There is no beginning or end to this value, 2+2 always was equal to four and always will be, it won’t at some point in the future cease to be or become something else. It just is.

In the same way, limitless love, love without limits, unconditional love, this is a love that simply is. A love that requires no specific behavioral set, has no conditions, is always available in infinite, or eternal, supply. How would your experience be different if you were to practice having limitless love for yourself, even when you fail, especially when you fail or are weak, and especially when someone else is not happy with you or having some sort of fit over something?

How would you interact and experience differently, more positively, more lovingly, with your children when you discipline them or they make errors, with your spouse, your lover, your friends,  should you maintain attention on limitless love even when you disagree with what they do, say, think, or feel? What sort of inner peace, support, insight, and inspiration might you welcome and receive were you to practice maintaining this kind of focus? I can tell you from experience that the results are nothing short of miraculous.

If you want to raise your consciousness, elevate your experience, experience God intimately and first-hand pouring into and through you, if you would like to change the way you react to friends, children, co-workers, or you partner, experiment with putting this into practice, this focus on love without limits. Practice clearing your mind of distractions in quiet moments alone first. Connect with and welcome in that which is divine and loving; it’s in you already, it’s in everything everywhere all around you, you can breathe it in as well as broadcast it out energetically. Learn how this feels in your body, then shift your attention, your feeling in your body, your energy, your vibration, in this way when you interact with others, again especially when someone important to you does something you disagree with, or disagrees with you, or when you disagree with yourself.

Stop putting yourself in a place of punishment. Stop punishing those around you to try and make them behave, think, speak, or feel the way you think they should. Feeling bad will not help you do better. Focusing on worry, regret, or anger, all forms of departing from the perfect present moment, will not make you or others perform better. Stop equating your self-worth to measures of performance. Stop judging others as good or bad based on what they may say, think, feel, or do.

Love yourself, most especially, and love your children, your mate, your friends, without limits. When you do this with your children they will find your posture and tone towards them less threatening, demeaning, accusatory, angry, and unhelpful. They will feel the support and faith you have for them without you having to speak a word, and in this way you will guide them to remembering and more becoming the wonderful beings they truly are as they were born into this world. Eliminate the need for defensiveness, denial, anger, and aggression.

If you would like to see how to put limitless love into practice when managing your child’s behavior in more specific and concrete terms, check out my video “Behavior Management at It’s Best” at this site:

I believe the underlying message and available transformation in the practices I demonstrate in this video are so important that if ten dollars is more than you can afford right now email me and I will send it to you for free.


With love,


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