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Mass Shootings: Ten tips to console your child or teen through times of terror

Mass Shootings: Ten tips to console your child or teen through times of terror The mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017 is unbelievable. In today’s world it is nearly impossible to shut off a child’s fear-engendering exposure to media coverage of such tragic events. […]

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Build Self-esteem and Confidence

Building Confidence: Pay Attention to the Positives   Make a list of everything positive you have done in your life. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now take a look at what you have done. Does this help you feel more confident? What else would build your confidence? Would you need any […]

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Frustrated with conversations that go nowhere? Defective and Effective Communication Patterns

Defective Communication Patterns (which rob couples and families of their power) Do you live on a one-way street or a two-way street? Conversation Killers Psychic Assumptions– Rather than discover and explore what someone else really thinks, the Psychic likes to make up what others think. This way […]

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Have enough strategies for kids who struggle? ADHD, Autism, Anger, Anxiety, Giftedness

Silly question, right? How can you ever have enough to stop the madness when it comes to the ways adults often interact with children who have differences? We can make it better. We can train adults in more loving and effective methods, and we can teach children […]

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Caregiver Stress Inventory

Caregiver Stress Inventory Rate from 1-5 where 1= not true and 5= extremely true ___ I don’t sleep well enough. ___ I drink too much. ___ I need drugs to get through this. ___ I don’t exercise enough. ___ I don’t have time or energy for friendships. […]

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Top Five Parents’ Digital Age Benefits

Top Five Parents’ Digital Age Benefits: 1.) I can micromanage my child’s education. I get electronic notifications if they misbehave, miss an assignment, or make a bad grade way before the report card comes. 2.) I can track my teens’ location by their GPS cell phone. 3.) […]

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Dream Book

  Your dream book is going to become your journal of goals and inspiration that will take the place of your doubts, fears, and self-imposed limits. Dreams have no limits. Your limits are created by your conscious mind, and, just like your fears, are not really real, […]

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Oppositional-defiant disorder behavior- Do we create this by accident?

Do you get faced with Oppositional-defiant disorder behavior often? I think we sometimes influence kids to act this way by the way we interact with them. Our conventional wisdom about discipline dictates we pay attention when they misbehave.  What does the child who doesn’t sit still and […]

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Teach emotional control and the power of thought

How are you teaching emotional control and the power of thought? It can be tricky to teach children emotional control. Trickier still to teach them how their thoughts can create fear, sadness, or anger. How do you help them understand that they don’t have to believe […]

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ADHD and Self-esteem

How we wreck kids from the inside out ADHD and self-esteem, how do we keep it up, and what tears it down? “Worst Grandfather in the World” is what I call the story in the video below. This is a true story, and I wish it […]

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